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A Blessing for the World 
A Breath of Love, Joy, Peace 
Accommodation for Healing the Earth 
Activating One's Purpose In Life 
A Lesson in Wishing 
A Meditation to Set You Free 
Awakening Dormant Faculties 
Awakening the Warrior – Conscience 
Bathing the Body in a Color of Light 
Belief and Faith 
Co-Create Beauty 
Compassion and Self-Compassion 
Contributing to the Healing of the Planet 
Developing Sensitivity to Being Human 
Developing The Power To Succeed 
Development of a Healing Capacity 
Development of Healing Power 
Dhikr of Sound Using Vowel Sounds 
Directing the Breath to the Feet, Hands, etc. 
Embodying Divine Spirit 
Finding One’s Natural Tone 
Harmonize Ourselves With the Planet 
Healing and Awakening to the Divine Mind 
Healing e-class on Protection 
Healing in Difficult Times 
Healing Life and Humanity and Self 
Healing Meditation for the Parts of the Body 
Healing the Experience of Stuckness in Life 
Healing The Inclination Toward Worry 
Healing with Light 
Joining in the Transformation of Life  
Life Force, ‘Elan Vital', for Balance 
Mystic Relaxation 
Opening the Heart 
Participatory Prayer 
Presence to a Place That Hurts Within                                                                                                                                           “Raise us above the distinctions and differences which divide us”

Release From Suffering 
Religion of the Heart 
Spiritual Healing 
Spiritual Practice in the Five Domains and the Planet 
Strengthening Qualities For Now 
Sufi and Hasidic Healing 
Tending the Heart – Tools of Inner Power 
The Aikido Moment 
The Throne of the Heart 
Trauma as a Source of Spiritual Growth, Personal Reflection 
Walk With Life