Awakening Dormant Faculties

“We invoke the one whose body is the cosmos of the galaxies and our own bodies, Whose mind courses through our thinking, and Whose ecstasy arouses our acts of glorification, Whose personality is customized as our personalities, Whose presence is always there, Whose consciousness is focalized as our consciousness, and whose reality is beyond our reach.” – Pir Vilayat 

You cannot help someone if you are in your ordinary consciousness. The challenge is to awaken dormant faculties within yourself. One must use intuition and creativity. 

Some short exercises: 
As you breathe in, draw fresh energy in through the base of spine. Allow the energy to transmute (we are not working with kundalini here) as it rises up the spine. Be aware of the light when you get to the top of the spine. As you breathe out allow this light to wash down through your body releasing pollution, feeling it eliminate, flowing down and out of the body. 
Breathe magnetism into the body. Hold your breath a comfortable amount of time, and feel the magnetism charge the cells, the organs, the systems, etc, making them vibrate with new energy and magnetism. Breathe out and feel old pollution leave as you are re- energized. 

Breathe in light to the cells of your body. Include the skin, organs, systems (circulatory, digestive, hormonal etc), the connective tissue – everything. Hold your breath a comfortable amount of time, feeling light sparkle in the body – in the cells. Breath out and let yourself transform. 

“You can only heal others if you are able to heal yourself.” 
Pir Vilayat