Fragrant Gold- Spring Equinox 2019 

“Beneath the surface of all the many different names and forms that we encounter is one single life.”                                     - Pir Zia 

“Our soul is blessed with the impression of the glory of God whenever our lips praise Him.” 
- Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan 

A Note From Devi: 

Dear Friends, 

Perhaps, at this time of changing seasons, you feel the pull of possibility within you.  This is a good time to open your self to change, knowing that as you discover news ways to be, you are bringing those new discoveries and actions more fully into the wholeness of life.  A commitment to smile more, and then a warm smile and warm greeting to a stranger, could be the very thing to shift the course of creation into a new direction. 


Practices for this Quarter: 

For Your Self 

1) The Zikr of Love – 

Let your head move from the left shoulder down, making a circle,  toward the left knee, then the right knee, then continuing around to the right shoulder and up to the zenith.  As your head moves around imagine or feel your self in an ocean of Love 

Now let you head move down, your attention moving to your heart, letting your heart be open, Love pouring into your being. 

Let your head rise until your attention is straight ahead, as you relax and radiate the lightness of Boundless Love 

2) Ya Batin – that perfection which is hidden within, Ya Zahir – coming into manifestation in you, as you 


For The World 

Do the Zikr of Love (above) but instead of circling yourself, imagine the world about 3-4 feet in front of you, small enough that you can easily see the whole of it.   Do the Zikr of Love, letting/allowing/noticing the Love of the Universe circling the earth, gratefully noticing the Boundless Love of the Universe flowing into our beautiful planet/Mother, and letting that radiant Love flow freely, our Mother/planet glowing in Love. 


Prayer For Healing Conductors 

Beloved Lord almighty God 
Pour thy healing power through my breath 
my thought, my glance, my words, and my touch. 


Monthly Healing Service for the World 

The first Healing Service for the World took place in November 2017. Since then a monthly service has been conducted at the time of the new moon, led by Conductors, Shefayats and Devi, Kefayat, whose inspiration we are following in offering this Service. With each successive Healing Service for the World, there has been a feeling of a growing commitment and power taking place. 

Each month the Healing Service for the World takes place with prayers for more love, more light, more joy and more peace in the world. Ordained conductors in the Healing Order are invited to take part and take turns leading the Service on a zoom call. Healing is sent to places and people around the world in response to current events and ongoing issues. As well, our hearts go out to the underrepresented beings who we feel are calling out to us- the flora and fauna that are suffering from natural disasters and destructive human activities. May our prayers be answered and may this inspiration bring about positive change and healing in the world! 

For those in the Sufi Healing Order who are not yet ordained to lead a healing service but would like to take part, we invite you to join us on the new moon with your own prayers for world healing. The time is at 5 pm PST; 6 pm MST; 7 pm CST; and 8 pm EST. 

May all Beings be Well, 

May all Beings be Happy. 

Peace, Peace, Peace. 



Those of us who have taken up the work of healing are responsible to offer whatever we can to help heal and revitalize ourselves and others, especially in times that might be roundly described as difficult.  Perhaps the first duty is to keep up our own spirits.  It may happen on some days that we feel small, discouraged, alone and insignificant.  It is then that we remember that Murshid said that his smallest work on the inner planes was worth more than all that he accomplished in the outer life.  When we gather together with others, we strengthen our commitment and our resolve.  Including healing practices in our daily routine keeps us conscious of and alert to our work.  Through our everyday life, we remember that there is a larger spiritual context that extends beyond our perceptions.  Murshid points this out in the following quote: 

“Therefore it is necessary for every initiate to understand that our soul’s aim in our esoteric studies and practices is to become acquainted with the life which is living as a running current through the circle of eternity.”  - Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, Sangatha II, Tasawwuf 

This one sentence is rich with layers of meaning.  We are directed to consider our soul’s aim, distinct from our ego or the thoughts that direct our waking consciousness.  Our soul’s aim is cosmic; it addresses life eternal, a golden thread moving through infinity.  We toggle between meeting the needs of our body, mind and emotions, and the awareness of our angelic and spiritual counterparts.  With this awareness, we garner our skills as healers for ourselves, others and the planet, perhaps even the Universe. 

Here are some approaches you might like to try: 

The Prayer Nayaz:  Beloved Lord, Almighty God, Through the rays of the sun, through the waves of the air, through the all-pervading life in space, purify and revivify me and I pray, heal my body, heart and soul.  Amen 
A Clearing Practice to release stress and negative impressions: 

Think of what you wish to clear, without judgement or analysis 
Ya Afuww, Ya Tawwab, Ya Ghafur 33x 
Ya Jabbar 33x (with the sense of setting things straights) 
Ya Wahhab 33x (to offer a healing balm over the situation) 
Close with a simple phrase to seal the practice 

Perform the Healing Service 
Join the Healing Service for the World activity (contact 
Ya Shaffee, Ya Khaffee, Ya Muaffee (The Healer, The All-Sufficient, The Essence of Healing) 
Ya Hayy, Ya Haqq (O Life, O Truth!) 
Ya Hayyo, Ya Qayyum (The Life Everlasting) 
The Buddhist Practice of The Four Immeasurables: 

With the thought of Love, let me contemplate the world, and may this Love extend to the four horizons, and with the thought of Love increasing beyond measure, let me encompass the whole universe up to its confines. 
With the thought of Compassion, let me contemplate the world, and may this Compassion extend to the four horizons, and with the thought of Compassion increasing beyond measure, let me encompass the whole universe up to its confines. 
With the thought of Joy, let me contemplate the world, and may this Joy extend to the four horizons, and with the thought of Joy increasing beyond measure, let me encompass the whole universe up to its confines. 
With the thought of Peace, let me contemplate the world, and may this Peace extend to the four horizons, and with the thought of Peace increasing beyond measure, let me encompass the whole universe up to its confines. 

Focus on balance between activity and repose 
Look for inspiration every day – in teachings, in relationships, in service 

“We people who care must be attractive, must be filled with joy, so that others recognize that caring, that helping and being generous are not a burden, they are a joy.”  - Desmond Tutu, The Book of Joy:  Lasting Happiness in a Changing World 

Song Refrain: 

“Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav used to say:  Friends do not despair, for a difficult time has come upon us, joy must fill the air!  We must not lose our faith in living, we must not despair, For a difficult time’s upon us, our joy must fill the air.”  (Nathan and Joseph, singing rabbis) 

- Zaynab FitzPatrick, Shafayat 


A Call To Action We Can Do Together: 

Feed the Hungry: Join your local homeless shelters and serve meals. Join meals on wheels to serve meals to the number of home bound elderly. 


Upcoming Programs and Events 

- Healing weekend in Grand Rapids with Devi Tide, May 3, 2019- May 5, 2019. Contact Jalila Wheeler, email: 

-Healing weekend in Denver with Devi Tide, May 17, 2019- May 18, 2019. Contact Jim, email: 

-Inayati Order Summer Gathering, Portland, June 26, 2019- July 2, 2019 

“The whole world’s treasure is too small a price 
for a word that kindles the soul.” 
Hazrat Inayat Khan 

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