Essential Principles

1.  Healing is a natural quality which brings renewal, repair and transformation, supporting the soul’s journey towards wholeness.  

2.  Every person is capable of healing.   

3.  We can heal ourselves through breath, diet, thought, feelings, attitudes, rhythm, balance, meditation, prayer. We can heal ourselves by listening and responding to our heart and soul. 

4. The healer recognizes that the source of healing is beyond one’s personal capacities.  

5.  The practice of healing ourselves develops compassion, balance, strength and will, and prepares us for offering healing to others. 

6.  The healer works to develop the inner spark of deep love and compassion in dedication to serving others, which helps the healer to resonate with the one who requests healing. 

7.  Healing can be transmitted through physical touch, personal energy, compassionate listening, mental suggestions, magnetized objects (such as crystals or water), spiritual healing in the presence of a healer, or through prayer, meditation, and distant healing. 

8.  The effect of healing may be subtle and deeper than what appears in the body or mind. Healing may occur at the level of the soul, which is the sacred depth of each individual yearning to evolve towards wholeness.  By heal we do not necessarily mean "cure." 

9.  The beneficial effects of healing may enhance health at any level and at any stage of life, including a peaceful transition in the process of dying.  

10.   All healing and self-healing help awaken the whole family of humanity to the power of the Divine Spirit to heal.