Getting Involved

There are many ways to get involved with what we offer to increase the healing capacity of your heart, your words, and you glance, and to strengthen insight and intuition, and develop physical, mental, heart and soul magnetism.  

Here are some of the ways: 

●      Join E-classes and distance learning which offer practices and readings. We meet on Zoom and supplement with written and audio materials in between meetings. 

●      Sign up for the quarterly newsletter that has a lot of material you can make use of. 

●      Come to a program, seminar or retreat

●      Take a personal retreat

●      Use the Healing Service – a sacred service that offers absent healing through prayer, concentration, breath and attunement to the Divine Presence. This service is offered to those who request it.  

●      If you are called to a deeper engagement, you can receive initiation and go through the inner trainings. 


What you’ll get: 

●      Meditative practices that awaken and develop the subtle nervous system.  

●      Tools for self-assessment and self-care.  

●      A deep and healing communion with life, and the source of life, working with techniques of meditation, breath, sound, light, the heart, magnetism and presence to open access to the source of ones deepest yearnings.  

●      Transformational meditative techniques for those seeking a deeper and more direct understanding of the purpose of their life.  

Be Part Of A Global Community of Healers Quietly Transforming Our Shared World