The Purpose Of the Healing Order Is To Awaken Humanity To The Power Of The Divine Spirit To Heal. 

That’s it! 

Our lineage and set of practices remind people of their inborn capacity. We help them activate that capacity, while awakening in the world as living, human sources of healing. 

We focus on breath as a vehicle of transformation and healing. 

The Healing Order supports transforming reality at this time. 

You may have noticed, humanity and the earth itself are in a time of great transformation. 

Each one of us is participating in that. 

Would you like to have the tools to be a useful participant in that transformative process? 

We find these tools to be very powerful. When people use them, their lives change in seemingly mysterious ways. 

We see this happen regardless of a person’s background or belief. 

Our job is simply to get these tools out there. We have no other agenda. We don’t hide them, we don’t charge a ton of money. We just want to get them to you if it calls to your heart at this time. 

These practices have been around since the beginning of time. 

One of our jobs is to preserve these practices so they are not lost throughout time. To keep them available to those who feel drawn to them… 

That way you can easily and almost effortlessly create a life in which you are fulfilling your purpose. 

It’s not about becoming more, or fixing anything. It’s about becoming more real, more of who you are. 

When you awaken the inborn capacity that comes from engaging these practices, you can apply it to anything. 

To business. To your job as a Physician or a Psychotherapist. To your role as a parent, a friend, or lover. 

It’s about awakening the capacity that’s always been there within you and it’s just waiting. 

You can still be Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim… 

You can practice any religion or have any faith, or none at all in the usual sense, and use these tools and watch your life change. 

We welcome everybody. 

This particular website serves North America, Australia, and New Zealand directly as well as many other places. 

Have a look around and see if there’s something that supports your current journey of realization or activation. Our goal is for you to participate  more fully in your purpose for being here at this time. 

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Due to the current pandemic, classes and services will be online and offered weekly.  

You may send names for the Healing List. Please remember that we need the person’s permission to be placed on the list.  

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