Bathing the Body in a Color of Light

Beloved Lord, Almighty God, pour Thy healing power through my breath, my thought, my glance, my words and my touch. Amen 

Pir Vilayat: 
“Instead of thinking that our body is emerging out of the fabric of the star dust, think that our aura is an integral part of the light of the stars, and that there are several levels of light.” 

The following class includes practices that come from the teaching of Pir Vilayat, given in 2001. In this teaching Pir suggested one do this work over a period of months, allowing ones experience to deepen and grow. 

As one develops the ability to work with light in ones self, a byproduct will be the ability to heal with light. Start with yourself. Go slow. To push forward giving yourself shallow experience, you will miss the deeper awakening that allows one to heal. You’ll know this practice is working when you feel that somehow it is helpful to you. Perhaps you’ll notice, as you do the practices, that your own physical, mental, emotional, etc symptoms shift, transform or change. More is not better. It will not help for you to become otherworldly. The Divine Intelligence is not a concept but rather an experience of Self; when your glance and thought convey something transformative and healing – something of the Divine glance and thought, you’ll get feedback from the world. 

Hint: If you feel important, powerful, like you are right when others are not, like you know what’s really happening, these are signs of a need to work with a feeling in the self that needs healing. As you do the practices be present to that feeling that comes up and it will heal. 

Before offering these practices I want to remind you that our work is allowing something that is natural to emerge. Don’t try to make something happen with these practices. Rather, be open to an experience in harmony with your being. 

Work with light: 

1. Concentrate on a color – choose one that comes to you at the suggestion of healing. Feel as if your entire being is bathed in that color. 
2. Now also include your shoulders, your cells and the atoms of your body as you bathe in that color. 

3. Notice how that color affects your mood, your thought, your emotions, your experience. Be present to what comes up, allowing it to soften, to heal and transform. 

Concentrate on the color until you feel that it is enough, no longer than 2-3 minutes. Keep in mind that more is not better. 

Note: Pir Vilayat used red, vermillion, orange, gold/yellow, green, light blue, violet, clear light. You can try one of these colors first, being careful and reasonable in your choice. Stop if you find that any color is producing a difficult effect. Remember we are practicing healing of our self first. 

Another way to work with this practices is to ignore color and instead be open to light 

Identify with your physical body: 

Feel Magnetism around your shoulders, arms, chest, eminating from your shoulders, chest, hands. 
Remembering: As you are aware of it you strengthen it. This is the secret of healers. Feel Light around you. Be enshrouded with light, Feel the pores of your skin open, as if your were sun-bathing, 

First Practice: 

Inhale your breath feeling the the cells of your body absorb light and be transformed by the light. 
Hold your breath feel the jiggling of the cells throughout the body – the hands the tongue, the arms, the spine, the lymph glands, the pancreas, the brain, the hypothalamous gland etc. – all the cells of the body. You might feel a kind of tingling or very very fast pulsing. The cells are moving so fast they are jiggling and then sparkling, processing and emiting radient light, which we call the aura. 

Exhale your breath be aware of all the cells of your body radiating light. You can enhance the radiation of the body by visualizing it. 

Do this at night under the stars, sensing how the light of the stars is traveling from the stars at 186,000 miles per second and bombarding your body and boomeranging back. 

Second Practice: 

Turning within from the surface/appearance of life. Rather than perceive, feel in resonance with all other beings and things in the universe – get in touch with the all pervading light and ground tone of the universe, the place beneath the surface where all is connected 
Inhale breath Concentrate on the eyes, absorb light through the retina of the eyes in to the brain, overflowing down the spinal cord and beyond into the body/being – feel the delight, the ecstasy, of light 

Hold breath Be aware of ultra-violet, colorless light above the head 
Exhale Breath Feel a higher level of light pass through the light of your glance. Don’t focus the eyes on objects. 

This will give you the ability to grasp what is happening behind the surface of a person – the reality behind that which appears in a persons face. 

Third Practice: 

Look at a crystal without moving your eyes (see the crystal as a whole) for twenty minutes 


Over a period of months, and imagine a color, then feeling as if your aura is the color you imagine – do this with one color over time, experiencing the effect – first yellow, and light blue, then orange, then green – You can will your aura with your imagination to vibrate at the speed of the color and you perceive it as that color, then experience the thoughts, emotions, etc that go along with an aura this color. 
When concentrating on infra-red light let your body evaporating water – Tibetans call this tumo. 
Let the centers be red in bottom , terra-cotta/vermillion in second, orange in solar plexus, gold in heart, green in throat, blue in the eyes, violet in 3rd eye, colorless light above head – be like a diamond sparkling with light 

Inhale your breath As you go up the spine as in #3 ( above ) 

Hold the breath and think/feel you have awakened from the perspective of the physical world, that everything in the aura is just a support for the Divine intelligence, wake up 

from the sleep of ordinary consciousness as you turn your eyes upward, let this insight somehow effect the aura (feel this light of the universe effect the aura, going down through the charkas) 

Exhale breath Your intelligence is the light that sees and your glance is the instrument for this light that sees. This practices leads on to the creative work of fashioning the aura 

Working with the Aura: 

First experiment with colors. Imagine yourself surrounded, immersed and filled with light. Use many colors, experiment with them. What happens to your thinking and emotions when you immerse yourself and fill your self and become light blue light? Green? Gold? Red? Orange? How do you respond to others. Which shade of the color supports and heals you? 

Pir Vilayat’s suggested colors for the centers: 

Base                               Red 

2nd                                 Vermillion 

Solar Plexus                  Orange 

Heart                              Gold 

Throat                            Green 

Eyes                                Light blue 

Third Eye                       Violet 

Above the Head            Clear Light 

Pir Vilayat’s practice: 
Inhale Breath       Light through the retina of the eyes (this is an extension of the brain), the light filling the brain going down the spine 
Hold Breath       Feeling the light jiggle and vibrate at a very high frequency 

Exhale Breath     Starting at the bottom of the spine, experience each center with the colors Pir Vilayat suggests – at the crown be aware of the Divine Intelligence 
Your glance will become a benediction, a healing glance