Harmonize Ourselves With the Planet

Toward the One,  The Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty

The Only Being United with All the Illuminated Souls Who Form the Embodyment of the Master

The Spirit of Guidance 

This is a practice to harmonize ourselves with the planet by connecting ourselves with our elemental correspondences. It is a healing practice both for the planet and ourselves. 

Find the place on Earth to which you are connected. It could be your home – the land on which you live, or it could be a mountain, a forest, a desert. What place is it that makes you feel “I am home”? Take time to know this place. Feel your connection in both physical and spiritual dimensions. See if you can get into the consciousness of that place. 

Find your water. Is it a river, an ocean, a lake, a stream or a waterfall? When you turn within and think of water, what water comes to your awareness? Can you feel the emotion of your water? Can you hear its song? 

Find your fire. Our whole metabolism is a constant source of combustion. Much of the template for the metabolism is carried in our genes. Can you feel the inheritance that impels the fire of your being? The gifts of our mothers, our fathers, our tribes, even our language, gives us a rhythm and tempo. Try to sense this at a level that bypasses the mind. 

Find your air. At what Pir Vilayat used to call “the ragged edges of our being,”where there is an exchange of molecules, so that our physical being is constantly expanding into the universe, and we are, in turn, constantly absorbing the unity of all being. Try to connect with the infinite possibilities inherent in each moment of life. 

As you contemplate each element of your being in this practice, you could allow the being of Shafee to permeate the atmosphere, experienced both in yourself and by the places and beings to which you are connected, through the all-pervading life in space.