“Raise us above the distinctions and differences which divide us”

There is an old Chinese curse that says “May you live in interesting times,” We are certainly living in interesting times, but a curse can also be a blessing. This is a time of major upheaval and times likes these make transformation of societies possible. The underbelly of our society has emerged into  the light of consciousness. We are seeing the racism, sexism, ageism, and every other form of prejudice, as well as rampant greed, coming into painful consciousness. Many of us are participating in protests and making our voices heard LOUDLY. 

When something becomes conscious it is no longer a part of the collective shadow and therefore presents us with the opportunity to change and to heal the splits that deeply divide us. While working on the outer planes is important, we are an esoteric school and can work inwardly with prayer and practice. 

Yet, there is another level of work which is more challenging. It involves looking into our individual consciousness for those places in which we have taken in and integrated the collective shadow. Those are the unconscious and often very subtle places where each of us has incorporated the collective poison of all of those “isms”. This gives us the opportunity to go deeper into ourselves and to heal those places and by extension, to heal something of the collective, of the One Being. It is challenging and uncomfortable wok, but comfort is the enemy of the mystic. 

None of us like to think of ourselves as racist or sexist or ageist or greedy or anti-semitic but we all have traces of all of those things to a greater or lesser extent unconscious. These unconscious aspects of ourselves show up in subtle ways in our behavior. The more we stay unconscious of this, the more we act it out in subtle and not so subtle ways. 

This class is about beginning to look into ourselves to find those places. Let’s start with meditating on the phrase, “Raise us above the distinctions and differences which divide us”. 

Now do the practice Ya Rahim/Ya Afuw to hold yourself with compassion and forgiveness, and allow the practice to penetrate to deep and subtle layer of your Being 

Then do inquiry with the question “What are the barriers to my actualizing that line from the prayer?” 

If you begin to feel uncomfortable or resistant, know that you are in the right place and keep at it. Hold yourself with compassion. If there is a place of self-denigration that emerges be present to it and allow for it to enter your consciousness fully. Often, we take in the biases of the culture against those groups that we are a part of, against ourselves. This is the poison that damages our sense of self worth. This internal bias against ourselves becomes an obstacle to actualizing our True selves. 

The next part of the process is to stay fully present and to do the practice Ya Muid/Ya Muhyi. The practice will restore us to our natural loving state loving one open us to a new dispensation of energy and love that emerges when we heal our wounds. 

When you do all of this know that you are doing your part on the inner planes to heal yourself and by extension to heal the One Being that we are a part of. This will allow for the Divine  Being which Is in all of us to emerge more fully into the world. 

Mahdiah Jacobs Kahn