Healing and Awakening to the Divine Mind

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty 

the Only Being, United with All the Illuminated Souls Who Form the Embodiment of the Master –

the Spirit of Guidance. 

“…free me from all pain and suffering, and make me an instrument that I may free others from pain and suffering, and that I may impart to them Thy light, Thy life, Thy joy and Thy peace.” Amen 

Greetings beloveds, 
At this time of holy-days one may be more inclined to turn toward love and harmony and beauty, either finding them everywhere, or questioning our world and it’s lack of these divine qualities. In either case this is a time where the door is apparent, that unveils more of the Divine mind within. 

This practice polishes the mind and also it’s depth – the heart. It will allow you to clean out those thoughts – or waste products – that are cluttering your mind, making it think thoughts that are not productive or healthful to you. And it will clear the surface of the heart, leaving more room for the soul to shine in this world, and for the divine spirit to come through. 

Step One: 

Say an invocation. The one above works well. This will set your direction. 

Step Two: 

Attune to the Divine. You can do this as Masters, Saints, Prophets, Archangels, a Divine Quality in its wholeness, all Divine Qualities, the Whole of the Universe, the Creator of the Whole of the Universe, the Sun – you understand. 
Ask the Divine (by name) to be with you and help you to clear, heal and awaken your mind and heart. 

Step Three: 

Pir Zia once pointed out that if you are in a room, and look around, everyone has a complete body except one person – and that is you. If you look down, your body is complete except there is no head. 
Can you be aware of your mind and how it has no boundary, but rather is like the sky, filled with space and thoughts, some like coulds moving through, some more still or more noticeable, like sand on a mirror or silt on the bottom of a clear river. These thoughts are there today and yet with the movement of the air and water, they will pass. Some of them might cause discomfort, or as you look at them you might feel it I time to let them go. Or you might notice the mind and say to your self ‘It is time to clean and polish this mirror. I am ready.’ 

Step Four: 

Go back to that which you invoked and request that it/he/she help you to clear and polish the surface of the mind. Then notice those ‘grains of sand’ resting upon the surface of the mind. 
You can use one of the elements to clear them. 

Air – Perhaps you will take a deep breath and as you blow out you will imagine or feel or watch how the Divine breath blows across the surface of the mind, carrying away that loose sand of unwanted thought, leaving it clear and clean. 

Earth – Perhaps you will take a deep breath, and as you breathe out you will imagine, feel or watch the Divine bull-dozer coming through, moving the waste off the surface of the mind and leaving it polished and clear. 

Water – Perhaps as you breathe out you will imagine or feel or notice a Divine flow of water coming down from the left to the right, washing across the mind, clearing away the sand of unwanted thought patterns, leaving the surface clear and clean. 

Fire – Perhaps the Sun of the Divine will shine on those thoughts, igniting or transforming them, letting them move away – as ashes fly in a strong wind. 

Step Five: 

Say to your self: ‘I have just taken a step to clear, transform, and heal, my mind, and my heart, and to let my soul shine through.’ Make what you say authentic to you. 

Step Six: 

Give thanks to that which supports you. 

Step Seven: 

Say the healing prayer, or a prayer that is meaningful to you. Make it personal. For example: the prayer Nayaz 

Beloved Lord, Almighty God Through the rays of the sun, 
Through the waves of the air, Through the all-pervading life in space, Continue to purify and revivify me, and I pray, Heal my body, my mind and heart, and my soul. Amen 

May this season of Light bring you great Joy!