Embodying Divine Spirit

A thought about transformation and healing: 

“The healer must be a spiritual disinfectant. Purity of mind is therefore important, as important as purity of the body. We must spread a spiritual antiseptic influence; we must carry the spirit of life with us.”                                   

- Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan 

A Practice: 

Begin with the head at the left shoulder. Move your head down and around, sweeping past the left knee, the right knee, the right shoulder, making a circle that ends with your head up and the glance up. As you do this feel that you are surrounded by an infinite ocean of purity. If you find it helpful you can whisper the word ‘purity’ as you do this, or a word that to you means God/Universe. 
Let your head and your attention move down to the bottom of the spine, feeling as if you are an empty cup. As you slowly raise your head, feel as if that cup is being filled with the Divine Spirit. Continue raising the head until it is pointed up and your attention is above the head. If you care to, you can whisper the words Divine Spirit as your head and your attention rise. 
With the head and the attention still pointed up, as a whisper make the sound ‘huuuuu’, letting that sound wash down, around and through you. 
Put your hands on your heart or feel your heart, saying “My body, heart and soul radiate the healing spirit of God.” 

Do this 3 times. 

The key is in changing your orientation and energy from personal striving to faith and spiritual power. 
Some other ways to do this: 
* Be the first answer to your own prayer. For example, one can pray for peace, and then make peace with a friend or choose peaceful thoughts. Or one can pray for food to feed the world, and then volunteer time in a soup kitchen. 

*Bathe your mind and feelings in devotion to the Divine/God. 

The following prayer of Murshid may be of help in developing this new orientation and energy: 

What I may not see, let me not see. 
What I may not hear, let me not hear. 
What I may not know, I ask not to know. 
Beloved, I’m contented with both Thy speech and Thy silence. 

Let him not see me who should not see me. 
Let him not hear me who will not hear me. 
Let him not know me who need not know me. Beloved, veil and unveil me as Thy wisdom chooseth. 

From Pir Zia: 
“We are only capable of successfully communicating a message of peace to the world to the extent that we have fully embodied this message.”