Awakened Healer II

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Awakened Healer II |second Saturday starting October 9, 2021| noon PT The Awakened Healer Phase 2 is a 6 month distance training in healing that goes deeper into the territory and practices explored in Phase 1. Its purpose is to deepen and expand the innate capacity for healing that resides in each person.    The Awakened Healer Phase 2 training includes: •      Meditative and other practices to further develop intuition and insight, and to give a more open and expanded the capacity of the heart •      Practices to deepen one’s relationship with the source of healing and to energize, enliven, and increase vitality of the body, mind, heart and soul •      Tools to further develop trust for the source of guidance within you •      Tools to make more active your relationship with your self, your life, and the world

For information contact: Ushi Darena-