The Awakened Healer- Distance Learning/Training in Healing

The Awakened Healer: An experiential distance learning opportunity

offered by Devi Tide

The Awakened Healer is a training in healing.  Its purpose is to develop the innate capacity for healing that resides in each person.

The Awakened Healer training includes: Meditative and other practices to develop intuition and insight. Practices to encourage a relationship with the source of healing. Tools to identify and develop trust for the source of guidance within you. Practices to energize, enliven, and increase vitality. Tools to develop a kind and friendly relationship with your self, your life, and the world. Meditative and other practices to open and expand the capacity of the heart.

The Awakened Healer is a multi-media training that includes written material, audio meditations, and monthly Zoom presentations and discussions led by Devi.

The Awakened Healer is a distance training.  The teaching it contains has been available through many sources throughout time.  The current material comes from the teaching of the Sufis, Yogis and the wisdom of great teachers of healing, with an emphasis on the teaching of Sufi healing on breath, magnetism, the essence of life, sound, and light.  It is offered in three 6 month phases, each building upon the one before. 

Contact: Ushi Darena at

Details: Cost and Early Registration Deadline -- $300 by September 15, 2020 Cost and Final Registration Deadline -- $400 by September 24, 2020 Training begins September 26, 2020

This can be paid in 1, 2, or 3 payments. Please contact: Ushi Darena at Contact Ushi Darena if you need financial assistance.

Message from Devi: Everyone has this innate healing capacity.  The challenge is to actually do the practices and meditations to develop that inner capacity.  If you do them, the material in this training will impart a wealth of knowledge, some coming from the training and some emerging from within you. As a byproduct, you will be able to offer healing to your self, and your very atmosphere will convey a healing presence.