A Contemplation on the Prayer Pir 

Many of you knew Noor Nicolai, who was a senior teacher, an inspiration and a friend to countless of us. Noor loved retreats, and frequently gave as gifts, her inspirations, contemplations, poetry, and even drawings revealed to her during a retreat. I was sorting papers, and again came across this beautiful contemplation of Pir-O-Murshid’s prayer “Pir” 

I invite you to delve into the prayer Pir as is below as a contemplation.  The whole od Murshid’s prayer is below, and after that, Noor’s contemplation. I am often so moved by the first three phrases, that I remain with these. 

First say the phrase from Murshid, then breathe with each phrase riding on the inhalation and exhalation. Return to the original phrase.. Perhaps you can even add your own contemplations, and repeat for the other phrases. 

With Love, 


The Prayer Pir: A Contemplation 

Revealed to Noor Nicolai (September 8, 1948-June 30, 2010) 

The Prayer: 

Inspirer of my mind, consoler of my heart, healer of my spirit, 

Thy presence lifteth me from earth to. Heaven 

Thy words flow as a sacred river, 

Thy thought riseth as. A divine spring, 

Thy tender feelings waken sympathy in my heart, 

Beloved Teacher, thy very being is forgiveness, 

The clouds of doubt and fear are scattered by thy piercing glance; 

All ignorance vanishes in. thy illuminating presence; 

A new hope is born. In my heart by breathing thy peaceful atmosphere. 

O inspiring guide through life’s puzzling ways, 

In thee I feel abundance of blessing. 


-Hazrat Inayat Khan 


Inspirer of my mind 

Breathe into “my” mind the wisdom of the whole mind. 

Breathe it wide and vast enough to receive from you. 

Be the essence of my own breath, offering a natural, effortless opening and surrender of limitation, of the old ways of thinking. 

Blow anxiety right out of this mind. 

Let me be in-breathed from the depth of the unity of being, the origin of this soul ray- reliably part of this identity, not external, to be counted on always. 

Consoler of my heart 

Join my heart with my soul irrevocably- this bond, this allegiance the most substantial, tangible connection. 

Give me a soul-ful heart, overflowing with forgiveness and the full happiness of unity. 

Arise consolation- infinite strong flowing current of heart energy. 

Soothe this child- let me listen to the beat. Of your great heart to put me back in rhythm. Enclose me and take my burdens, 

Care for me, support me and give me your gifts. 

Healer of my spirit 

Smooth and mend any breaks or gaps in this breathing and being breathed. Recalibrate its rhythm, honoring slow and full- and command my respect for the rhythm of my spirit. 

Infuse this breath with the power of life. 

Adjust my tone and pitch to allow a wider range for the life of the spirit. 

Take away any memory of wounds, except as they may serve to heal others. 

Tune this instrument to be fit for the divine musician. 

Thy presence lifteth me from earth to Heaven 

I ask for you to keep inviting me to notice your insistent magnetic vibration, this ocean in which I swim. 

Let me dissolve the boundaries of limitation in this ocean that lifts, thrills, enraptures and calls all the parts of me to wake up and be present to joy. 

Let this way of being high be a steady renewal in the midst of life’s moments of dark unconsciousness. 

Thy words flow as the sacred river 

You invite me into the flowing current of this mighty unceasing river. 

Access is according to the laws of the sacred. You. Teach me those laws, washing me clean over and over again. , clearing and holding in check the limited mind. 

Let my love for the beauty of this river vanquish all doubt in my access, allowing me to surrender and trust in the flow under all conditions. 

May the beauty of this great wisdom be expressed and offered freely. 

Thy thought riseth as a divine spring 

Allow this insistent arising from the source be so powerful that limitations may be washed away with ease. 

Let this spring remain un-stifled, with constant removal of choking habit: of leaving presence, of obsessive thinking. 

Keep guiding me in your skills: 

Of listening, of expecting success, of concentration combined with openness, of discrimination of Truth- true thoughts divinely sourced. 

While I practice these skills give me patience and compassion, and keep my life balanced in activity and repose. 

Let there be room for the new, the unknown. 

Thy tender feelings waken sympathy in my heart 

Reside here as a permanent tenderizer, inviting constant inquiry, asking how you would respond, then. Allowing sympathy to arise, with all trust that sympathy is the greatest healer. 

Let me keep releasing obstacles to allowing vulnerability. 

Let tender responsiveness to beauty, the beauty hidden below the surface, continue to soften what hardens, dissolving limitation. 

Give me your strength and lightness of being- to lightly carry a heavy load. 

Beloved Teacher 

Be loved, my teacher; accept the love this heart can give. May the capacity grow along with my gratitude. May my happiness be a gift to you. 

Unleash my devotional heart. 

Let the growing confidence allow more and more love to flow, to flow also beyond this life to all my unseen teachers. 

Thy very being is forgiveness 

Everything about you dissolves darkness- your glance, your thought, your words, your teaching, your atmosphere, your heart, your brilliance. 

You reveal all and clear all- giving joy of purity and the power of service. 

Every aspect of your life is a teaching, a pearl. Ay I respect and honor each nuance, and never judge. 

You show me that, regardless of appearances, the same also applies to my  own life, and to that of others. 

With this great forgiveness arises a desire to imbue this life with love, harmony, and beauty. 

The clouds of doubt and fear are scattered by thy piercing glance 

You heal me by seeing my true being. 

Your glance reveals the source of my doubts and fear, and also reveals the tools to uproot these. 

May your glance always pursue that one that hides from the light. 

Keep giving me access to my own piercing glance- the inner teacher. 

Your fiery glance contains, healing, and blessing. 

All ignorance vanishes in thy illuminating presence 

May your presence, Light of Truth, dissolve all that is false here, so my own truth may shine and illuminate the paths of those whom I serve. 

May your light shine and take e through all the gates toward total dependence on God. 

“Truth has arrived and ignorance is cancelled.”     17:81    Qu’ran 

A new hope is born in my heart by breathing thy peaceful atmosphere 

Breathe me into fuller being, midwife of my heart. 

O inspiring Guide through life’s puzzling ways 

Your view of the whole, the complete puzzle, provides orientation, a guide to prioritizing my focus and energy. 

Give me that detached perspective- to overcome fragmentation, vagueness, and confusion, and give me fresh inspiration. 

Let me be such a guide. 

In thee I feel abundance of blessing 

Allow me into this unity more and more, to feel taste and know the abundant blessing, and, with gratitude, be full and satisfied. 

May I live I you, overflow with all blessing abundant.