Frequently Asked Questions

What will I gain from getting involved? 

A commitment to healing includes one’s own personal healing, and involves ongoing purification and clarification of your consciousness and conscience. 

Is the Healing Order a distinct modality, or does it work in concert with other modalities? 

The Healing Order offers practices and meditations for one to develop in capacity, realization, and healing presence. Rather than offering new modalities of healing, the goal of the Sufi Healing Order is to make available to the wider population tools that promote awakening, transformation and healing, and develop the inner capacity to know what is needed and how to offer it.  It is not a modality and does not replace a medical professional. 

I need healing or a retreat. 

If you need healing go to Need Healing? and put your name on the International Healing List for prayers from healers and healing circles throughout the world. You may put others names on this list but it is important that you have their permission to do so. There is no need to mention the reason for your name on the list or in what capacity you need healing. 

A healing retreat can be a great opportunity to heal the body, the mind and heart. It is also an opportunity to awaken to the wholeness of your being. Meeting with your guide daily, you are given meditative practices. You can also take a group retreat.  For a personal retreat go to Contact Us and send us a note. We will let you know where the nearest retreat guides are located. For group retreats go to Retreats 

What kind of training can I do? 

You can go to Events and see the list of offerings of  retreats, seminars and trainings being offered. You can also take a distance learning class. Contact Us and send us an inquiry or sign up for the regularly distributed E-classes offerings (we will need your email address).  Or go to the Library and explore past E-classes and  read the Healing Papers.  For inner experience or deep healing take a retreat, either individual or group. A retreat is an opportunity for deeper exploration of yourself. These will be listed in Events/Retreats 

Where can I learn more? 

On this website go to Events for a listing of seminars, classes and retreats. Check out the E-Classes or Healing Papers  in the Library. Teachings of our Pirs  links to their teachings on specific websites. 

What will I learn in a class or seminar? 

Seminars and classes offer spiritual practices to increase magnetism and intuition, develop the heart, connect with the depth of your being, discover inner strength, activate inner resources, increase balance and acquire a healthier rhythm in life. The order offers the teachings of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Pir Zia Inayat Khan, the ancient Sufi teachers, and Devi Tide and other senior teachers, with input from modern scientific discoveries. Some topics include breath, light and sound, self-inquiry, work with the unfoldment of the heart, the experience of sacredness in life and practices and exercises in concentration, contemplation and meditation. You gain a deeper experience of the self and a deeper relationship with the Divine Spirit. 

What does the Sufi Healing Order Do? 

The student of Sufism realizes for him or herself that the essence of all religions is one and that essence is wisdom and love. Our work is to try and develop that spark which lies in every soul whose only satisfaction lies in the love of The Divine, or said another way, the sense of meaningfulness in life. The Sufi considers that essence of wisdom to be one’s religion, whatever their individual religion might be. The Sufi takes the path of ennobling the soul. There is no wonder-working, no communication with spirits no developing of magic or magnetic powers, no clairvoyance or clairaudience, nor anything of the kind. The one single aim is to become humane, to live a healthy life, to try and better the moral condition of or life, to ennoble our character, and to meet not only our own needs, but also those of our neighbors and friends. The goal of the Sufi is awakening and realization, and for the one interested in the Healing Order, to support the awakening happening in the world today, to the power of the Divine spirit to heal. 

What is initiation in the Sufi Healing Order? 

The initiation ritual into the Sufi Healing Order links one to a transmission of healing consciousness, energy and attunement offered by the Sufi mystics, both ancient and modern. The initiation ceremony, which is freely offered, is covenant between the individual who feels called to serve, and the Divine Spirit. Although initiates have access to Sufi teachings and training, they are encouraged to live and honor their own religion or spiritual path. Initiation is not required to receive training in the Healing  Order or offer it. 

How can I contribute to The Sufi Healing Order? 

The Sufi healing Order (SHO) is a non-profit organization that is supported by contributions, all of which are tax deductible in the USA. 100% of your contribution is used to fund the work of the SHO. Every contribution counts! Contribute by using our Pay Pal under CONTRIBUTE or sending your check to Sufi Healing Order – P.O. Box 1787, Bothell, WA 98041